Spectral Analysis & Microscopy
Scanning Electron Microscope with Energy-dispersive X-ray Spectrocsopy (SEM/EDS)
JSM-IT500HR InTouchScope™ (JEOL, Japan)
Description: Direct Magnification = x5 – x600.000, Resolution (LV) = 3 nm, Resolution (HV) = 1.5 nm, Large specimen stage 200 x 75 mm, Integrated Dispersive X-ray spectrometer (EDS) for elemental analysis.
Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM)
Desciprtion: contact (C-AFM), Tappi and non-conatact modes (NC-AFM), scener size 5×5 micrometers, resolution 1 nm, softvare for 2D and 3D surface mapping.
Raman Imaging Microscope
DXR™3xi Raman Imaging Microscope (Thermo ScientificTM, USA)
Description:  Spatial resolution 0.5 µm, Confocal Depth 2 µm, Lasers: 532 nm, 633 nm, 785 nm, Fine Laser Power Control in 0.1 mW increments. Data analysis, spectral interpretation, 2D/3D chemical mapping with OMNICTM xi Software.
Infrared Imaging Microscope
Nicolet™ iN10 MX Infrared Imaging Microscope (Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc.)
Description: Detector Type – Standard: DTGS; Optional: LN cooled MCT-A and MCT-A linear array, Ultra-fast mapping: 10 steps/second at 16cm resolution (1.2 × 1.2mm) in 4.5 minutes, Spatial resolution better than 10 microns
FTIR Spectrometer
Nicolet™ iS20 FTIR Spectrometer (Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc.)
Description: advanced LightDrive optical engine technology delivers higher spectral resolution (0.25 cm-1) and single-to-noise ratios (50,000:1), Wavenumber Precision 0.0008 cm-1, SMART Accessories, Solid-state, temperature controlled diode laser, ATR ZnSe
Haake Mars iQ Air (ThermoFisher Scientific, USA)
Description: Air bearing system. Rotation and oscillation measuring modes. Frequency Range: 0.0001 – 100 Hz, Torque Range: 0.001 – 150 mNm (torque rotation); 0.001 – 150 mNm (torque oscillation). Water-cooled Peltier temperature system, Operating temperature range: 0 – 200 °C. Set of measuring geometries for low- and high-viscosity samples. Software package for measuring and evaluation of rheological parameters..
Four Point Probe (Sheet Resistance, Resistivity and Conductivity Measurement)
Four Point Probe System (OSSILA, UK)
Description: Sheet resistances range from 100 mΩ/□ to 10 MΩ/□, Voltage range: 100 µV to 10 V, Current range: 1 µA to 150 mA. PC software performs all the necessary measurements and calculations for sheet resistance, resistivity and conductivity.
Potentiostat for electroanalytical measurements
EmStat3+ (PalmSens, NL)
Description: Provides the most relevant electroanalytical measurement techniques (Voltammetric, Pulsed, Amperometric and Galvanostatic techniques), Potential range 8V, Current ranges 1nA to 100 mA, minimum resolution 1 pA, PSTrace5 software.
Surface Tension and Contact Angle Goniometer
Contact Angle Goniometer (OSSILA, UK)
Description: The contact angle software lets you record video and perform both contact angle and surface tension of liquid droplets measurements.
Solar Cell I-V Characteristics measurement
Solar Cell I-V Test System (OSSILA, UK)
Description: Multimeter device with PC Software automatically calculates key properties of solar cells from the measured I-V curves: PCE, FF, Jsc, Voc, Rsh, Rs. Provides solar cell hysteresis and solar cell lifetime measurements.
DCSBD Plasma unit
RPS40 Plus (Roplass, CZ)
Description: Fully automatic plasma unit, high power density 100 W/cm2 and low-temperature atmospheric plasma treatment <70 °C, sealed chamber for plasma treatment under different gases.
Printing and Coating Techniques
Flat screen-printing machine
Atma TY-600H (Atma, Taiwan)
Description: Electro-pneumatic, semiautomatic industrial screen-prinitng machine. Vertical movement of the printing frame. Microadjustable printing table with vacuum fixation of the printed substrates. Maximum printing area: 400 x 550 mm.
Pad-printing machine
microPrint Smart 250 (microPrint, Switzerland)
Description: Pneumatic, semiautomatic pad-printing machine. Closed inkwell system. Maximum printing area: 110 x 110 mm.
Spin Coater
POLOS Wafer Spinner (SPS-Europe B.V., The Netherlands)
Description: Table-top fully automatic single substrate spin processor. Maximum coating area: 100 x 100 mm.
Film Applicator (Doctor Blade)
COATMASTER 509 MC I (Erichsen, USA)
Description: Automatic high-precision film applicator – doctor blade. Adjustable coating gap. Maximum coating area ca. 200 x 300 mm.